Blu Building Consultants awarded Constructionline Gold Member Level Health and Safety accreditation

Constructionline Gold Member

Constructionline Gold Member VerifiedWe are always searching for new accreditations that we can use to evidence our commitment to providing the best possible standard of service. That’s why when we had the opportunity to renew our Constructionline Gold Level Health and Safety accreditation, we jumped at the chance.

Thankfully, we are pleased to report that this has been a resounding success, and we are now a Constructionline Gold member, Constructionline Silver member and Contructionline Bronze member. To celebrate, we thought we would talk a little bit about the accreditation, and what it means for Blu Building Consultants going forward.

Blu Building Consultants Beech Ward Safety Suite
Constructionline Gold Member
Constructionline Silver Member
Constructionline Bronze Member
Blu Building Consultants Constructionline Gold Member

What does this mean for Blu?

As a Constructionline gold member, what happens now?

Well, we’ve had our membership, which includes SSIP from Acclaim Accreditation, PAS91 and Common Assessment Standard, awarded in November 2022.

As a leader in providing supporting services for construction businesses, Constructionline offer a series of accreditations that can help to evidence that the company is prepared to go above and beyond for the sake of health and safety and giving great service. They were happy to work with us, and helped us become accredited by giving us access to resources and support that allowed us to make the necessary changes and improvements to become accredited.

We’re thrilled!

Obviously, we are absolutely thrilled by the fact that we have received this accreditation, because it means that we can continue to provide an incredible standard of service for our clients and, at the same time, take pride in our organisation.

Director John Plum commented on the accolades:

“It’s an amazing achievement for Blu. The team deserve a big thanks for all their hard work and a special shout out to Paul and Len for their outstanding support.”

Anybody who has worked with Blu for an extended period knows that we put a lot of time and effort into what we do. We want to make sure that people get the best results, and that’s why we work tirelessly to give projects the resources needed. Whether it’s our ongoing commitment to health and safety accreditations, or the green policy that we construct and rigorously update to provide sustainable practices, we are committed to everything that we do.

Constructionline construction workers

Blu Building ConsultantsThis accreditation is just one of the many accolades we have managed to gain. Naturally, everything we do is for the sake of offering a better service that benefits the end project and people using the end product/facilities, and we also want to be able to take pride in our organisation and have our customers and staff both feel like we are protecting them. This health and safety accreditation enables us to go even further in the name of keeping people safe and supported, and we are so glad that we took the time to invest in it.

SSIP Acclaim Accreditation
Constructionline Gold Member
Constructionline Social Value Certificate of Completion
ISO 14001 EMS certification
Blu NHS Approved Framework Supplier
Safe Contractor Blu Building Consultants
SSIP Blu Building Consultants
Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

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