Digital Technology Policy

This Blu Building Consultants digital policy focuses on the use of technology to enhance the performance of the business.

This policy will specify the direction Blu Building Consultants will take in order to cultivate new competitive advantages via the use of technology. It will also outline the tactics and processes used to implement these changes.

These changes will include modifications to the business model. The development and usage of new technology enables the company to provide services that did not exist previously.

Blu Building Consultants remains committed to privacy, and fully complies with the requirements laid out by the Cyber Essentials Scheme. This scheme has been backed by the UK Government to protect organisations from cybernetic attacks. As a result of our commitment to this scheme, Blu Building Consultants received the Cyber Essentials Plus status in 2021.

Blu Building Consultants operates according to the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), an EU law which came into effect in May 2018. The law protects the private data of EU citizens by requiring businesses to adhere to strict regulations regarding data collection, usage and storage.

Digital Assets

Blu Building Consultants will use software to create 3D models based on designs created by architects and designers. These models will allow a more detailed preview of construction for clients.

Microsoft OneDrive

Blu Building Consultants will use Microsoft OneDrive, which will allow all staff members access to company files. These files can be shared between mobile, Windows and Mac devices.

Internet Usage

Blu Building Consultants has a head office building that is equipped with WiFi. There are also Ethernet ports for desktop computers.

Digital Meetings

Staff in the employ of Blu Building Consultants will receive access to Microsoft Teams, which will be employed to allow easy collaboration between colleagues. The software will enable staff to work on online documents simultaneously, providing editing capacity, as well as sharing notes and real-time collaboration. Regular video and audio conference calls are used to discuss changes to projects, give approval, and maintain communication between all team members.

Email Usage

All of our staff have access to a Microsoft Office 365 account, which they can use to remotely interact with programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, as well as connect to emails whilst working remotely.

Social Media Presence

Blu Building Consultants have a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube to improve brand awareness.

Our Principles

Our digital policy is grounded in making sure that certain ideals are adhered to and met. We base our policy on these ideals:

Transparency – we aim to be completely open about how we use digital tools and media to further business practices.

Integrity – we conduct ourselves with integrity, intending to never waiver from our beliefs surrounding digital tools and to use them only for constructive and beneficial purposes.

Growth – As technology continues to grow and develop, we remain committed to making sure that we evolve with it, providing cutting-edge services using digital tools.

Sustainability – our digital practices are designed to be as sustainable as possible, focusing on effectively utilising resources whilst continuing to practice business in such a way that enables long-term usage of the software and tools available.

Our Vision

We intend to create a digital policy which focuses around the use of digital media. We do so with the following objectives in place:

Creative Vision – we intend to expand a content strategy which improves the quality and scope of our services, offering high-end results.

Audience-Led – our digital strategy is to use digital media as a way to connect with our audiences in a meaningful fashion. We want to build more effective, deeper levels of engagement with our existing audiences, and then use these policies to cater towards new audiences simultaneously.

Our Culture – We aim to try and create a culture where an organised, cohesive mindset is a core part of what we do. In this way, we aim to develop an efficient, open-minded culture that actively focuses on getting the best possible experiences for our clients.

Available Resources – we use staff training as a way to invest in our team and do so with digital media where possible. We use the technology we have to work in efficient, flexible ways that actively aspire to deliver high-quality services from start to finish.

Our Success Metrics For Digital Policy

We recognise that digital media is something which is built on using the resources available, and we will consider our digital policy to be a success when the following criteria are met:

  1. We have effectively provided safe handling of data and personal information for all customers, in keeping with GDPR guidelines and our own code of conduct.
  2. We have expanded our services and redesigned the business model to fit a more digitally-inclined era. We do so with the belief that this will be ultimately beneficial to customers and staff alike.
  3. We have successfully utilised the digital tools at our disposal to make the construction consultation process as smooth and streamlined as is possible, focusing heavily on creating an environment based around innovation and detail.

Other Uses For Digital Tools

Blu Building Consultants utilises digital media in a myriad of different ways. The following are examples that do not fit into a specific category already listed:

  1. Using PDF notes for faster approval, designing and printing.
  2. Working with Quickbooks to keep bookkeeping records.
  3. Working with Microsoft Excel in order to make high-quality budgetary records.
  4. Using electronic signing tools where possible to get contracts approved and ready to implement.
  5. Utilising HTML5 page-flipping technology to design online brochures for visitors and prospective clients.
  6. Using automated HTML email marketing to provide superior communication with clients.
  7. Using drones to create and display case studies regarding past construction projects.

Policy Management

This policy is the property of Blu Building Consultants. It has been approved by all relevant staff members and is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure compliance with all laws surrounding digital tools and data protection. This policy is freely available to staff, shareholders and site visitors as necessary.