Cyber Essentials Plus awarded to Blu Building Consultants

Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

Committed to safeguarding information from online fraud

The security of online details have been a fear for consumers and businesses for some time. Fortunately, efforts are being made to ensure that the online world is safe for both consumers and businesses alike.

Blu Building Consultants Limited is proud to announce our recent Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

Cyber Essentials Plus online caution
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What is the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation?

First launched in 2014, the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation was launched to ensure that businesses are aware of the dangers of online attacks and are taking the necessary measures to ensure their online platform is safeguarded.

Of course, any online attack can be detrimental to a business, but it can also have ramifications for those using the platform.

There have been several instances of customer data leaks in the past, and it can be stressful and inconvenient for all involved.

How the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation helps customers?

Blu Building Consultants Limited has always been mindful of the potential dangers online. It has worked extensively to ensure that customers have a seamless online experience, with no risk of their data being leaked to nefarious parties.

The Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation clarifies these efforts have been worthwhile and offers customers confidence that the website they are using will not be privy to fraud or online attacks.

Bu Building Consultants Cyber Essentials certificate 2022-2023
Cyber Essentials Plus online data security cloud file sharing

When sourcing professionals for projects, it makes sense to use a company with several years’ experience in the building industry. However, if some companies are unable to safeguard the data you give them, it is advisable to search elsewhere.

Blu Building Consultants allows for additional peace of mind in that it offers complete protection regarding personal data, as well as a consultancy service tailored to meet all types of projects, regardless of size.

Why use Blu Building Consultants Limited for construction projects?

Although many construction projects can be similar, each will have their own requirements and approach. Some buildings can be straightforward, while others may need more work. As such, a seasoned professional with the correct accreditation ensures you have everything you need for a successful project.

Blu Building ConsultantsBlu Building Consultants has worked on many projects within the private and public sector, and can ensure that the right workforce is assigned, allowing for more productivity and progress.

Time is of the essence regarding construction, and those who are unable to meet deadlines could find their projects getting expensive quickly.

Blu Building Consultants can ensure that professionals offer expert guidance and advice and will guarantee that the right skills are applied to each segment of the project. Not only does this ensure the project is completed to the requirements and regulations of Government bodies, but it also eliminates the likelihood of stress and extra expense.

NHS Shared Business Service Framework Project Managers
UKAS 3core ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2015
Constructionline Gold Member Verified
Blu NHS Approved Framework Supplier
Safe Contractor Blu Building Consultants
SSIP Blu Building Consultants
ISO 14001 EMS certification

As well as acquiring the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, Blu Building Consultants is also experienced regarding NHS frameworks. Regardless of whether you want guidance and advice on a private construction project or want to ensure that buildings designed for the public are created within specified timeframes, Blu Building Consultants can help in every instance.

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