4 storey building in the centre of Hemel Hempstead

39 – 41 Marlowes is a detached 4 storey building in the centre of Hemel Hempstead built circa 1985. The buildings are of brick clad with aluminium windows and mansard clad with leadwork to the third floor.

Following the arrangement of a 15 year lease at the site it was essential to ensure the property was firstly watertight and thus a project to refurbish the external envelope was set up as an enabler to the future proposed internal fit out.

The scope of work involves: Window frame repairs, Glazing repairs, Brickwork repairs, Complete refurbishment of main flat roof including lower mansard gutters, Lightning protection repairs, Mansafe system + guard rail installation, removal and isolation of all roof plant, Pigeon deterrent measures, Pigeon guano cleans.

The scheme was awarded via the P21+ Small works route and therefore the NEC contract was utilised.

Website: www.hpft.nhs.uk

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