State of the art 24 bed
Continuing Care Dementia Ward

Lambourn Grove garden
Blue Building Consultants Lambourn Grove inside
Lambourn Grove garden

After just ten months of P21+ construction works Hertfordshire Partnership opened Lambourn Grove, the state-of-the-art 16-bed organic assessment and treatment unit has been refurbished to help meet new standards for dementia care, creating a more appropriate environment for service users.

We are particularly pleased with our art strategy developed with Art in Site. These two sculptures grew out of collaborative workshops held with staff, service users and families, which were designed to discover at first-hand what is attractive to people with dementia. Every decision in the making of the art was based on these workshops, during which service users demonstrated their preferences for colour, texture, layering, kinetic movement, rearranging, interaction, investigation, change, and sensory and tactile experience.

Completed July 2016.


NHS Trust

Value: £3m +VAT

Lambourn Grove garden

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