Blu hire new Health and Safety support for staff training

Health and Safety

Safety Services UK LimitedBlu Building Consultants are committed to delivering the best services for you, and at the same time, have a responsibility to make sure our staff get the support they deserve to move forward in a confident, safe fashion.

We’ve recently partnered up with a new company to provide Health and Safety training for our staff.

Health and Safety training presentation Safety Services UK Ltd

Safety Solutions will give Blu Building Consultants additional in-house and on-site Technical Management and Senior Health and Safety advice.

Safety Solutions conduct annual internal peer reviews of our Health and Safety documentation and standards set within our organisation. Working closely with us to ensure that all our Health and Safety goals are achieved. Providing expert Health and Safety management up to Level 6 Occupational Health and Safety assistance.

Health and Safety IOSH Safety Services UK Ltd

Safety Services Ltd – our new partner

Blu Building Consultants have partnered with Safety Services Ltd. They provide a wealth of amazing services, and we are delighted to have made a partnership with them so that we can start providing our staff with the necessary support and training needed.

We strive to form partnerships with people that match our high standards for quality, and we are pleased to report that these guys do a great job. They have an unwavering commitment to support and service that we absolutely love, and we are working with them because they have promised to help give our staff the best quality Health and Safety training.

Constantly striving to improve

We are constantly striving for new ways to improve. We consider it imperative that we keep moving forward and actively work to deliver a broad range of different services.

However, we recognise that this isn’t possible, unless we commit to giving our staff the tools they need to succeed. That’s why we always look for new training opportunities and providers who can help our amazing team to reach their full potential and gain the qualifications and skills they need to thrive in the work environment.

By providing our staff with the opportunities to train, we give them the ability to improve their own skill sets. It’s a wonderful thing, being able to grow and develop, and it’s something that we are very keen to foster here at Blu. Our work with Safety Services UK Ltd means we can continue to offer staff an opportunity to grow and develop, which means they will be able to contribute more to the work that we do. As far as we are concerned, this is a win.

Health and Safety building net Safety Services UK Ltd

Blu Building ConsultantsWhen it comes to training opportunities, we are keen to make sure that our staff get what they need. We’ve worked very hard to give people access to the best support they need, and that’s why we have plenty of opportunities for growth and development within the company. By giving our staff up-to-date Health and Safety training options, we hope to make sure that they can continue to do what they need to do, and to work in a way that will keep our team, subcontractors, clients, staff and general public safe.

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