Blu Building Consultants are planting trees

Here at Blu Building Consultants we try to positively impact the environment. It’s important to give back to the planet meaningfully, and that’s precisely what we intend to do with all the services we offer.

However, that’s not all, we’ve been improving our services to give back as much as social value as possible, and in doing so, we’re planting trees …literally. We’ve been rolling our sleeves up and getting our hands dirty to help the environment flourish.

Blu Building Consultants marston vale tree planting

We’ve committed to being more environmentally aware, and in our pursuit of this, we’ve been planting trees.

Blu Building Consultants leafed trees sun shines through branches

Planting trees in the forest of Marston Vale

Our work in the forest of Marston Vale has allowed us to give back to the environment and do something positive and meaningful. We thought about donating money to help plant more trees, but to be honest, it’s just not our way. We may be on the organisational side of construction, but that doesn’t mean we’re shy of a bit of manual labour, and planting trees seemed like an excellent way to do our bit for the environment. We love the idea, and we want to help as best we can.

We’re committed to helping our customers get the best results possible from each project, but we’re also on board with helping to promote growth in the environment and encourage environmental awareness.

We ensure to work within parameters of our ISO 14001 award, which governs how businesses can make changes to their practices for eco-friendly purposes. It’s a valuable guideline that offers many helpful ways that people can give back.

Sustainable business practices

Our sustainable business practices are constantly evolving, but we also recognise that it is crucial to try and do more for the planet wherever possible. We’ve had a great time planting trees. It isn’t the easiest thing to do by any means, but it can be a great way to give back.

We’re proud of our commitment to eco-friendly efforts because we want to ensure our customers have the necessary tools and resources, in any project we do, to believe it was constructed in a sustainable way.

Blu Building Consultants kids learning how plant tree
Blu Building Consultants marstonvale tree planting scheme

We’ve been busy planting trees, and it’s been a reasonable effort so far! We’re delighted to be able to make a meaningful change to the planet because we know how hard it can be to make that positive change.

We recognise that the construction industry has a responsibility to the planet, and we aim to provide our customers with as many resources as possible to implement eco-friendly design and materials. The Blu team has been more than happy to get stuck and embrace the positive changes and processes for future projects, which is great.

We care about our impact on the environment and want to do more where we can. We’ll continue with this eco-friendly mission to plant trees and ensure that we do more where possible.

Help plant more trees in the forest

Marston Vale logoTrees make life better, help Forest of Marston Vale to plant another 5 million in the forest.

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