We’re speaking at the Design in Mental Health conference 2022

Mental health is a pretty important part of life. Even though we are a building consultants company, we still like to think about mental health occasionally and how we can meaningfully engage in discourse on the topic with our peers.

The Design in Mental Health 2022 conference is something that we are a big fan of, and this year, we have been asked to speak again on our topics of expertise.

Design in Mental Health 2022 Coventry Conference

What is the Design in Mental Health conference all about?

The conference is all about the design and operation of mental health facilities. The way you design a mental health facility can make a substantial difference in how it performs.

Any building space that you design needs to be suitable for the purpose, but also should create the ideal environment for somebody with mental health struggles to feel safe and relaxed in.

The conference is where some of the biggest names in the industry come and share their thoughts about design in mental health facilities. They talk about ideas and ways that the right kind of design work can shape a mental health facility into something welcoming, something reassuring and something safe. For more info, check this link www.designinmentalhealth.com/seminar/improving-the-patient-experience-with-a-standardised-design-for-safety-suites/

Design in Mental Health 2022

You are probably interested to know what we’re going to be talking about. We will give you some answers in just a second, but we also want to avoid spoilers, as the actual talk will be deep insight.

Blu Building Consultants Director John Plum is going to be doing the honours and he’ll be giving a talk on Improving the Patient Experience with a Standardised Design for Safety Suites.

The need for a well-designed safety suite is obvious to anybody who has worked in the mental health industry, but we wanted to take it a step further and essentially redesign the safe space. It’s something that we are very proud of and have spent a lot of time working out the best way to create environments, with a standardised design, that meet a range of service needs, and is going to be suitable for both patients and staff.

Improving the Patient Experience with a Standardised Design for Safety Suites speakers

John Plum

John Plum


Blu Building Consultants

Alexandru Senciuc

Alexandru Senciuc

Senior Architect

Medical Architecture

Ian Tearle

Ian Tearle

Senior Service Line Lead Forensic Services


Design in Mental Health 2022

Our talk will illustrate things like how one standardised design can work in many situations, how we can learn from the feedback offered by staff and patients regarding the facilities, and the impact that these new facilities will have on patient outcomes.

We are so excited to be able to share our knowledge at the event because we are passionate about this idea. We recognise just how important it can be for people to be able to have one constant, reliable, effective space and it’s been a passion project of ours for some time now.

If you’re attending the conference, please feel free to stop by. We’d love to share our thoughts with as many as possible and we can’t wait for the talk to take place. On the 8th June, starting at 11:40 AM – don’t be late!

There is plenty of parking available for this event in Car Park B.
Arrive before 10am and you will receive a full days free parking via a code at the registration desk when collecting your badge.

Visitors arriving after 10am will be charged for parking.

Arrive before 10am and receive a free breakfast bap and coffee.

Free Wifi will be available at Design in Mental Health.

Coventry Building Society Arena
Judds Lane, Longford,
Coventry, CV6 6AQ

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